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AAA #18104996



                           GAR Predestined

             PA Power Tool 9108

                           Shamrocks Beebee Queen 3095

       PA Full Power 1208

                           GAR New Design 5050

             Pine View SQR Rita W091

                           Pine View Rita R084

    Stevenson Turbo Power 50010

                            HF Tiger 5T

            HF Rebel 53Y

                            HF Tibbie 103T

       Stevenson Amber Rose 3262

                            Stevenson Hero 1216U

           Stevenson Amber Rose 1333

                             Stevenson Amber Rose 908


Stevenson Turbo Power.jpg

A February 2019 Turbo daughter out of a Shipwheel Chinook/Great Plains bred dam.

# Turbo offers calving ease with tremendous muscle, depth, and stoutness.
# His calves consistently ratio at the top in all performance traits and they mirror their sire's exceptional muscle and phenotype.
Turbo and his progeny are sound-footed, correct cattle that move out freely.
# Turbo daughters have excellent udders and are weaning calves with above-average ratios.   
His dam is in the Stevenson flush program and a favorite of theirs.

AAA #19216260


0110 cowboy.jpg



                             KG Solution 0018

             HA Outside 3008

                             HA Ever Lady 1575

   HA Cowboy Up 5405

                             Sitz Upward 307R

             HA Blackcap Lady 1602

                             HA Blackcap Lady 5515

  Top Notch Cowboy Up 801

                             Sitz Traveler 8180

             SAV Final Answer 0035

                             SAV Emulous 8145

    Ox Bow Barbaramere Jet 206

                             Redland Emblazon 3234

             Ox Bow Barbaramere Jet 081

                             Ox Bow Barbaramere Jet 125


# "Cowboy" is the result of flushing a cow we purchased from Ox Bow Ranch in                2012. She has been one of our best producers and is a Pathfinder.
# Cowboy's first calf crop was this fall and we are sure liking the calves. They are very attractive with plenty of muscle and volume.  
Cowboy is a big, gentle bull that moves out very freely with great foot and leg structure.
#  We are excited about this bull. We believe he will be a great addition to our herd! 
0109 cowboy.jpg





Weigh Up.jpg



                           Connealy Onward

             Sitz Upward 307R

                           Sitz Henrietta Pride 81M

   Plattermere Weigh Up K360

                           GAR Retail Product 

             Barbara of Plattermere 337

                           Barbara off Plattermere 311

  J&J Weigh Up 294

                           Connealy Right Answer 746

              TC Romeo 917

                           TC Chloe 7036

   J&J Miss Georgina 294

                           Hoff Steeler SC 333 196

              J&J Miss Georgina 927

                          J&J Georgina 720


Lot 42, 015 Nile heifer.jpg
A February 2020 294 daughter 
A February 2019 294 son
# Weigh Up 294 is a bigger statured, stockman's kind of bull with a breed changer look.
# 294 has an outstanding foot shape and circumference with a sweet front end and a hip and hind leg that is hard to find in an Angus bull. 
We have used him for two seasons now and he consistently is siring calves with soft rib and extra thickness on a sound skeleton along with moderate birth weights.
This sire group was very well received in our 2020 offering.


TN 816 Lot 76.jpg



                           Rito 707 of Ideal 3407 7075

            SAV Resource 1441

                           SAV Blackcap May 4136

   Ellingson Chaps 4095

                           MAS Wide Butt 6032 

             EA Blackcap 0360

                           EA Blackcap 718

  Top Notch Chaps 816

                           Connealy Consensus 7229

              VAR Generation 2100

                           Sandpoint Blackbird 8809

    Baldco Queen Mother 456

                           GAR Right Direction

              Baldco Queen Mother 128

                         A & B Queen Mother 1177


# Chaps was our high selling bull in the 2019 sale, selling to Quintin Smith of Tennessee.
# We really liked Chaps 816, he had been a standout since birth in our herd and we were fortunate to be able to AI to him as well as use him natural service.
# We purchased his dam out of the 2018 Baldridge/Tiedeman female sale.
Chaps 816 has sired true as his calves are deep ribbed, thick butted, and stylish while still having a moderate birth weight.
0124 sale bulls.jpg





0104 Dave.jpg



                           Vermilion Payweight J847

             Basin Payweight 006S

                           Basin Lucy 3829

   Basin Payweight 1682

                           HARB Pendleton 765 JH

             24AR O Lass 7017

                           21AR O Lass F24A

  HA Payweight 9128

                           HA Future Direction 3540

              HA Program 5652

                           HA  Blackcap Lady 2782

    HA Lass 0874

                           HA Image Maker 0415

              HA Lass 4206

                          HA Lass 2644


# Payweight 9128 was our choice from the 2020 Hinman Sale. 
# 9128's sire needs no introduction as he has been used with terrific results across the country.  1682 sires thick made, easy fleshing, high-quality carcass sons and perfect uddered, nice patterned daughters.
9128's granddam is the 4206 cow that has led the Hinman herd in maternal for a long time. According to Dave Hinman, "She may be the best Image Maker daughter we have ever produced". 
We are very excited about the future of 9128 in our herd!
0107 TK.jpg




                           HA Power Alliance 1025

             Connealy Stimulus 8419

                           Black Creesa of Conanga 5332

   Connealy Spur

                           TC Grid Topper 355

            Jazza of Conanga 8594

                           Jamma of Conanga 5614

  SRS Spur 4257G

                           Connealy Lead On

              Connealy Onward 

                           Altune ofConanga 6104

    SRS Kathy 0103X

                           BCC Bushwacker 41-93

              SRS Kathy 0394N

                           Tar Kathy 8003


# SRS Spur "TK" was our choice from the 2020 Skinner Seedstock Sale.  
# TK's sire, Connealy Spur, is a bull well-known for siring high growth, carcass oriented cattle.
# TK is an embryo calf out of a third-generation donor that has been very productive at the Skinner Ranch.
TK is a stout, long-made bull that is super gentle and easy to handle. We think he will add a lot to our program.